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If you’re looking to attract attention in today’s competitive housing market there are some things you can do to hep your home stand apart from the rest.

This is where professional home staging plays an important role. Selling a home is quite different than living in it. In order to attract buyers it is important to emphasize the features of the home rather than the owner’s personality.  Most owners are used to seeing their home on a daily basis and are fond of their personal style.

However, House Dressers offers a fresh perspective with the added value that we know what buyers are looking for. Allowing us to properly dress your home can help reduce the time it takes to sell, and should increase the final sales price.

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Jutta Wexler
(847) 372-5225

Our Mission

House-Dressers is committed to effectively market their design and expertise to closely partner with real estate brokers and their clients.  We manage the entire process of preparing your home for sale efficiently.  With every staging assignment our goal is to ensure that our clients maximize the return on their single biggest investment, your home.
The exterior of a Northfield client’s home after landscaping the front entranceway.
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